Home of Virginia Dixie Softball

Dixie Softball of Virginia is proud to be affiliated with Dixie Softball Inc. (DSI).   DSI is a youth softball program for girls eighteen (18) years of age and younger, playing on a scaled-down diamond to meet the physical development of the growing child.   The main purpose of the program is to provide a recreation outlet for as many as possible with emphasis on local league play rather than tournament play.   There are nearly 700 local Dixie Softball Leagues in eleven (11) States throughout the Southeast.

State Winners

Ponytails Traditional 2014

Champions: Halifax
Runner Up: Fluvanna
Sportsmanship: Fluvanna

Angels X Play 2014

Champions: Halifax American
Runner Up: Goochland
Sportsmanship: Radford

Ponytails X Play 2014

Champions: Montgomery Country
Runner Up: Appomattox
Sportsmanship: Bedford Metro

Angels Traditional 2014

Champions: Rustburg
Runner Up: Dinwiddie
Sportsmanship: Bedford National

Darlings 2014

Champions: Amherst American
Runner Up: Halifax National
Runner Up: Amherst National
Sportsmanship: Fluvanna

Debs 2014

Champions: Crewe Burkeville
Runner Up: Lunenburg
Sportsmanship: Dinwiddie

Belles 2014

Champions: Halifax American
Runner Up: Crewe Burkeville
Sportsmanship: Amelia